Tui Holidays 2021 - 2022

Tui Holidays offer a vast range of holidays throughout their brochures, brands and Tui holiday collections. There are value for money holidays from Skytours to luxury holidays deals with Tui Sensatori and Tui A La Carte hotels. Throughout these brands you will also find various board basis such as bed and breakfast, self catering, half board, full board and the popular all inclusive board basis. Tui Holidays offer different holidays for adults only and various family holiday options plus holidays for people looking for more than a fly and flop holiday.

There are holidays in the beautiful Italian lakes and other destinations in the Tui lakes and mountains 2021 brochure. You can also enjoy a cruise with Marella Cruises who offer a number of different cruising options including all inclusive cruises. Marella Cruise and stay holidays also feature 7 night cruises combined with a stay of 3 to 7 days in the Tui accommodation of your choice. You can either stay in a hotel before or after your cruise and it can all be arranged on-line. Tui City breaks offer some amazing destinations including Singapore, New York, Las Vegas, Dubai and many more. Tui holidays have also shifted away from just 7 or 14 night holidays and offer beach breaks for durations from just 3 nights. So you can chill out and recharge your batteries in the sun whenever you can get time off. Tui flights offer a massive range of options plus departure points throughout the UK. If you have your own accommodation you can book a Tui flight only deal or just book one of the many Tui holiday options.

Where to Book Tui Holidays 2021

Probably the best place to book a Tui 2021 holiday is direct with them on-line. This way you automatically get all the applicable on-line discounts taken off your holiday price. Plus by going direct to the Tui holidays web site you will find out if there are any Tui discount codes available.

Sometimes Tui holidays release discount codes to help push sales either in general or to a specific range of holiday destinations or departure airports. The discount code reductions are usually an extra discount on top of any on-line discount. You simply enter the code into your booking details before you pay and you will get extra off your Tui holiday. Regardless of whether you are booking a Skytours holiday or a luxury Tui Sensatori or A La Carte hotel you should benefit from the offer. You can either use it to make the overall holiday cost less or use the saving to add-on seat reservations, extra luggage allowance or a taxi transfer. The discount codes when available are clearly shown on the official Tui holidays web site. If you go into a travel agent they are unlikely to tell you about the discount code deals as they don’t normally offer them. Travel agents generally have to discount their commission to match the discount code deals and they are unlikely to voluntarily do this. You could negotiate a discount but why bother with the hassle. Especially as some agents have also started charging a booking fee on top of the holiday cost. Tui discount codes do come with some terms and conditions however if they do not apply to your booking nothing will happen. If you use the wrong code or if it doesn’t apply to your booking.

How To Find the Best Tui 2021 Holiday for you?

Tui holidays 2021 website offer a number of ways to search for your ideal holiday. There is the Tui holiday search on the main Tui web site. This search asks for some basic information to get started

  • Fly from - Enter the airport(s) that you are prepared to fly from
  • Where to? - Enter the destination(s) or holiday brand (eg Tui Family Life) that you are interested in
  • When? - Departure date - results will show holidays 3 days before and after
  • How Long? - How long you want to go away for
  • Rooms & Guests - How many rooms required and people who are travelling. Plus any child ages.
    ..... Then click search

The search results will show a list of holidays automatically sorted by the Tui holidays default setting “Our Recommended” You can change this and we recommend that you do.

  • Price - Low to high - Perfect if you are looking for the best Tui holiday prices
  • Price High to Low - If you want to see prices for the most luxurious holidays.
  • Rating - For sorting the results by accommodation rate
  • Saving Amount - to display holidays with the largest discount

The Tui Holidays filter options

  • Board Basis - Self catering, B/B, Room only, Half & Full board and all inclusive
  • Dates & Duration - See whats available on different dates or for 5 to 14 night durations
  • Rating - select from 2 - 5 T rated accommodation
  • Destinations - Select by region or specific country
  • Facilities - Kids’ club, spa, golf, watersports, free Wi-Fi. Fitness classes & much more
  • Holiday type (Collections) - Select a specific Tui holiday brand or collection
  • Holiday type (Best For) - Adults, Luxury, Walking, Award winners, families, Nightlife and more
  • Price - Show all prices or holidays up to a specific price
  • Price - You can also select “free child places”
  • Flights - change airports and select approximate flight times, afternoon, evening, morning

Note - If you do change any of the search parameters on the main search make sure you change the sort by filter as it will revert back to sort by “our recommended”

Tui Holidays search options also include specific searches for late availability holidays and also specific searches for deals and offers on some of their more popular holiday brands and holiday ranges. You can search for long haul deals, Florida deals, Villa deals, Iceland deals and more. To find these click on the deals tab on the Tui holidays web site.

Best Tui All Inclusive Holidays 2021

Tui holidays like most other holiday companies have a large range of 2021 all inclusive holiday options. With the expected increase in demand due to the uncertainties of Brexit and the exchange rates all inclusive holidays take some of that worry away. Tui All inclusive 2021 holidays are offered throughout the range of Tui 2021 brochures and brands. This way you can enjoy the all inclusive benefits without having to compromise on the type of holiday you want. Tui Holidays offer adult only holidays and there are lots of Tui Sensimar all inclusive hotels plus Tui Gold Hotels as well. For an all inclusive family holiday there are Tui Family Life all inclusive hotels as well. Plus there are Tui Family life all inclusive free child places offers subject to availability offering families all inclusive plus a great discount.

Skytours value range of holidays also feature all inclusive holidays plus some all inclusive free child places as well. If you are looking for an all inclusive 2021 family holiday use the Tui free kids places search to see what is available. Then use the board basis filter so that the hotels displayed only show all inclusive free kids places. You can also use the filters to make sure the accommodation has any other facilities or features you require. Tui Luxury all inclusive holidays are available with the luxurious Tui Sensatori range of hotels. These hotels offer a number of restaurants, activities, entertainment and Spa treatments. Other Tui Luxury all inclusive holidays include Tui A La Carte, Tui Robinson, Tui Blue and Tui Platinum. There are also Tui Magic Life 2021 holidays offer more than just the normal all inclusive options.

There are different levels of all inclusive and it is best to check what all inclusive deal is best for you.

Normally Tui all inclusive holidays offer

  • Three meals a day - breakfast, lunch and evening meal (usually buffet meals)
  • Bars & Drinks - soft and alcoholic drinks (locally produced)
  • Snacks - Some hotels offer snacks plus tea and coffee in the afternoon
  • Activities - Many hotels offer activities for all inclusive guests
  • Kids’ clubs - Children’s clubs with various activities.

You will also normally find that bottled water is not included on an all inclusive holiday

Not all hotels offer the same all inclusive benefits. This can be due to location as a beach front located hotel can usually offer some water sports and a hotel further inland obviously can’t. It’s always best to double check on the official Tui holidays web site to see what is included before you book any holiday.

Other Tui all inclusive holidays include 24 hour all inclusive where you can get drinks around the clock. Plus there is Tui Ultra All Inclusive 2021 holidays that offer exclusive extras like branded spirits and more dining and activity options.

  • Tui A La Carte all inclusive 2021 - A collection of the most luxurious 4 and 5 star hotels.
  • Tui Sensatori all inclusive 2021 - Top entertainment, great surroundings, some with swim up rooms Spa treatments
  • Tui Magic Life all inclusive 2021 - 24 hour all inclusive plus much more
  • Skytours all inclusive 2021 - Value for money holidays in the most popular destinations (all inclusive free child places)
  • Tui Family Life all inclusive 2021 - Everything for a great all inclusive family holiday (all inclusive free child places)
  • Tui Gold all inclusive 2021 - More traditional adult only all inclusive holidays
  • Tui Platinum all inclusive holidays 2021 - 4 & 5 star hotels with great feedback from former guests!
  • Tui SCENE all inclusive 2021 - Nightlife party holidays with the all inclusive benefits
  • Tui Small and Friendly 2021 - More traditional hotels (usually family run)
  • Tui Blue all inclusive 2021 - Luxury touches with tailor made experiences with great food
  • Tui Robinson all inclusive 2021 - Lots of activities, locally sourced food & scenic locations
  • Tui all inclusive city breaks - All inclusive city breaks (not a huge range of destinations)

If you plan to explore the surrounding area and be away from your hotel then it’s possible that an all inclusive holiday is not for you. Unless of course you get it at a great price. Whatever your views on all inclusive are it does take the hassle out of planning your holiday combined with peace of mind when you get there.

How To Find Tui Free Child Places 2021

Tui Holidays 2021 Click hereFree Child places 2021 holidays are a great way to save on the cost of a family holiday. Tui holidays offer free child places at a number of their properties including self catering apartments to luxury hotels. Free child places are always subject to availability and are not unlimited. They do sell out on the busier holiday dates as this is what most people tend to be looking for. It makes sense that families will generally be looking to get away during the school holidays so the demand for holidays departing when the schools are off is at its highest. If you are quick you do have a good chance of getting a free child place and it does help to be ready when you go hunting for that free child place 2021 deal. The Tui free kids’ places search makes it easy to track down these popular deals. This is good and bad at the same time. It makes it easier for you to find a free child place but also for everyone else as well. Fortunately Tui holidays generally offer a low deposit scheme that can help you reserve your free child 2021 place without having to spend a fortune. Please note that Tui free child places 2021 deals are based on 1 free child per two full paying adults in the same accommodation. So unfortunately you won’t get two free child places unless there are four adults travelling.

Just getting a free child place is not enough. There is no point in getting a good deal if the hotel does not have good family friendly facilities. Tui Family Life holidays are a special Tui family holiday brand of good quality hotels with kids’ clubs and great activities and entertainment for all the family. There are Tui Family Life free child places subject to availability. Plus most of the Tui family life hotels are all inclusive so there is the added bonus of getting an all inclusive free child place. There are Skytours 2021 free child places and you can use the search filters to only show hotels with what you need. You can select holidays with kids’ clubs, hotels near the beach, activities or whatever is required to make your family holiday right for you. You can do this for all the Tui holiday brands including the luxury ones as well. Tui Platinum free child places offer luxury hotels in some stunning locations and hotels. Just because you want to go on a luxury holiday doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a discount. Lakes and Mountains holidays are becoming more popular with families looking for a different type of holiday. Fortunately there are lakes and mountains free child places as well.

Tui Free Child Places 2021 are offered with the following Tui Holidays 2021 Collections.

  • Tui Lakes and Mountains free child places 2021
  • Tui Platinum free child places 2021
  • Tui Family Life free child places 2021
  • Tui Sensatori free child places 2021
  • Skytours free child places 2021
  • Tui Magic Life free child places 2021

As mentioned before free child places are subject to availability on a first come basis. Free child places do sell quickly so before you start searching make sure you know what dates you can travel so you can book right away. It’s very frustrating to go into work the next day to check for time off and then come back to find the free child place you were after is gone.

Marella Cruises 2021 - All Inclusive Cruises

Marella Cruises 2021 Marella Cruises 2019from Tui holidays offer a great holiday experience for first time and regular cruise holidaymakers. They have different ships based in different Mediterranean ports offering some great cruise itineraries. This is combined with the easy access to the cruises from many UK regional airports. Marella cruises generally offer cruises from Palma, Malaga, Dubrovnik and Corfu. These destinations are popular holiday destinations already and combined with a 7 night cruise are even better. You can normally cruise for 14 nights if you want by just booking an extra week and stay on-board. The ships will normally rotate their itineraries so you will enjoy somewhere new the second week. Alternatively you can book a cruise and stay holiday. This way you can extend your stay from 3-7 days depending on the flights. You can opt to stay before or after a 7 night cruise and all this can be booked easily online. You can select from a wide range of accommodation options including all inclusive, adult only or family hotels.

Marella cruises unlike other companies include all the costs such as tips. So the only extras you will have to pay for is your drinks unless you have booked a Marella all inclusive cruise. This is the missing link and means that whilst on-board everything is included in the cost. Not all Marella cruises are all inclusive however there are usually all inclusive upgrade offers. Sometimes for early booking the all inclusive cruise upgrade is free. Also look out for Marella cruise discount codes which can save you quite a bit of money off your cruise. Details of any Marella discount codes are always clearly displayed on the Tui holidays web site if there are any available.
Marella cruises offer lots of activities and entertainment options. Plus you will have a few dining options as well to choose from. Evening entertainment includes shows, quizzes, karaoke, dancing or a visit to the casino to try your luck. Some of the Marella ships even have their own cinema so you can enjoy a movie night as an alternative.

There are lots of different cabin options from inside cabins all the way to Royal Suites with balcony. So you have lots of choices as to your room type and location on the ships. Facilities on-board generally offer kids’ clubs, pools, adult only areas, sports decks, games room, coffee shop, shops, climbing wall and more. The ports are one of the best parts of cruising and Marella cruises visits some great destinations. You can usually wander off the ship and do your own thing. Or you can book an excursion and visit some great cities or famous landmarks.

Skytours Holidays 2021 (All Inclusive & Free Child places)

Skytours HolidaysAlso part of Tui holidays is Skytours Holidays. Skytours Holidays 2021 range offers good value for money holidays where Skytours offer the basic ingredients to make a great holiday. Skytours holidays 2021 brochure is full of great hotels and self catering apartments in ideal locations and flights from same network and airline that Tui holidays use as well. You can add-on coach transfers or car hire to your booking to get you to your accommodation. The range of Skytours accommodation includes self catering apartments to 4 star rated hotels. Plus you can book the hotel with the most suitable board basis for your needs including bed and breakfast, half board, full board and the ever popular all inclusive board basis. The accommodation in the Skytours brochure is in the popular holiday hot spots around the Mediterranean and beyond.

Not only do Skytours offer value for money prices they also offer special offer deals like no flight supplements on selected flights. Skytours family holidays 2021 range includes hotels and self catering apartment complexes with entertainment and kids’ clubs. Families looking to get great family holiday deals can look for the Skytours free child places 2021 offers. You can find these easily using the Tui Holidays free child place finder search. Skytours even offers all inclusive free child places at a number of hotels. This way you can take advantage of all the benefits of all inclusive and make some great overall savings on the cost of your family holiday.

Skytours destinations includes the Balearic islands, Canary Islands, mainland Spain (Benidorm & Salou) Greece, Turkey, Malta, Cyprus, Portugal, Italy & more. If you want a holiday in a more exotic location then Skytours Caribbean or Goa holidays are an option. Skytours Florida 2021 range includes accommodation on International Drive, Lake Buena Vista and more. Skytours also offers flexible flying so that if there are not any suitable Tui flights available you can still enjoy a Skytours holiday with another airline departing from your local airport. Finding the right Skytours holiday is easy using the search filters on the Tui holidays web site. You can select the search to display only Skytours holidays 2021 and then holidays best for families, near the beach, award winners, nightlife and more.

Tui Late Deals & Last Minute Availability 2021

There is a difference between the Tui last minute availability and Tui late deals. Tui last minute availability is just as it says last minute availability and not necessarily cheaper or a late deal. A Tui late deal for most people offers some sort of price reduction because you are book late. The general conception is that the holiday firms would rather get something than let the flight and hotel go empty. This is true however these days all holiday firms have sophisticated software and management processes in place to help prevent this. The big battle is on just after Christmas and into January and February for your holidays booking. After that there will be online reductions and discount codes to help stimulate sales. The prices will go up slightly if certain flights and hotels are selling really well and the opposite if they aren’t. These price reductions will generally be enough to make a difference and as it gets towards most departure dates the flights will be sufficiently sold that there will be no need for panic reductions and ridiculously cheap deals. However there are always exceptions and there are sometimes a particular destination that just won’t sell and these offer the best chance of a reduction. In simple terms the Tui late deals are subject to the simple principle of supply and demand. During the school holidays the demand for holidays are higher. Plus May bank holiday weekends, half term, Spring breaks, October school week, Easter and of course Christmas and New Year.

Tui last minute holidays search offers a list of what is available and can be altered using the Tui holiday filters. You can narrow down the search results to show particular airports, destinations, durations, board basis, accommodation rating and prices. There are also some late availability pages for some of the most popular Tui holiday brands and collections.

Tui Deals and late availability pages

  • Tui Summer deals
  • Tui Free child places
  • Tui Lapland Deals
  • Tui Disney Deals
  • Tui Last Minute Holidays
  • Tui Cape Verde Deals
  • Tui Sensatori Deals
  • Tui Family Life Deals
  • Skytours Deals
  • Villa Deals
  • Short Breaks
  • Longer Breaks
  • Tui Blue Deals
  • Cruise Deals
  • Flight Deals

Each one of these Tui deals pages offers filters to narrow down the initial holiday display.

If you are planing on looking for a late deal obviously avoid the busy dates previously mentioned if possible. Keep you options open to travelling to as many different destinations and from as many airports as possible. The more you restrict the search results the less chance you have of finding a Tui late deal. There are various different factors that can affect prices. A particular destination can be really popular one year or there could be a wedding with 50 guests making a particular flight more expensive because it’s busier than normal. There can be lots of school levers going away on a holiday just after they finish school and if you have a lot going on a flight together the prices will also go up. Tui holiday cancellations when someone cancels a few days before departure will just go back on sale at whatever the going rate for holidays are at that time. Big holiday firms will not notices that Mr & Mrs X cancelled plus the cancellation charges will cover their costs and hopefully the people cancelling will get their money back from their insurance company.

Tui Faraway Shores 2021

If you are looking for a more exotic destination or somewhere new to explore have a look at the Tui Faraway Shores 2021 brochure. There are lots of great destinations with direct flights from UK airports. You won’t find all the destinations available from most regional airports as there are not always enough demand to support all of these great destinations. There is also a difference to what destinations are covered in the Summer months and the Winter.

Typical Tui Summer Destinations (Tui Faraway Shores)

  • Dominican Republic - Gatwick, Manchester
  • Cuba - Gatwick
  • Jamaica - Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham
  • Aruba - Gatwick
  • St Lucia - London Gatwick
  • Mexico - Gatwick, Bristol, Birmingham, East Midlands, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh
  • Costa Rica - Gatwick
  • Indian Ocean (Goa & Mauritius) - Gatwick
  • Thailand - Gatwick

In the winter there are flights from London Gatwick to Vietnam and Sri Lanka as well as most of the summer flights above. Jamaica has flights from Cardiff, Glasgow, Bristol, Birmingham, East Midlands, Doncaster Sheffield & Newcastle. This is to match up with the two Marella cruise ships based in Jamaica in early 2021.

Tui Airways Flights 2021

Tui Airways operate from a large number of UK airports to some amazing destinations.

There are Tui 2021 flights from

London Gatwick, Luton, Stansted, Southend, Norwich, Southampton, Bournemouth, Exeter, Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham, East Midlands, Manchester, Liverpool, Doncaster Sheffield, Leeds Bradford, Humberside, Newcastle, Glasgow, Inverness, Edinburgh, Aberdeen & Belfast.

Tui Airways flights are a great option for anyone with access to accommodation or have their own home in the sun. You can add-on luggage and book seat reservations as well as taxi transfers.

Whatever Tui Holidays 2021 deal you go for make sure that you double check the accommodation description. You must do this on the Tui holidays web site if you are booking any Tui holiday. This way you know what you have paid for and what to expect when you arrive at your holiday accommodation. There are lots of different hotels and apartments and they do not all offer the same facilities and meal arrangements, This also applies to the Tui 2021 all inclusive holidays as you will find variations between all inclusive holidays offered.

Tui Holidays 2021 Brochures, Brands & Collections

  • Tui Sensimar 2021 - Adult only holidays offering a more relaxed holiday experience in good accommodation
  • Tui Gold 2021 - Traditional adult only holidays
  • Tui Small & Friendly 2021 - Smaller accommodation, many family owned and generally away from the main resort centre.
  • Tui Family Life 2021 - Family holidays at their best, great accommodation plus all inclusive free child places deals
  • Tui SCENE - adult only nightlife based holidays for those who want a Saturday night experience every night.
  • Tui A La Carte 2021 - Luxury hotels from around the world including well known hotel groups like RIU hotels
  • Tui Platinum 2021 - Luxury 4 & 5T rated hotels with great feedback scores
  • Tui Robinson 2021 holidays - Activities and classes if you want plus great local healthy food options
  • Tui Villas Collection - Villas with pools and car hire in great locations, great for families and groups of friends
  • Skytours 2021 Holidays - Great value for money holidays in popular resorts and destinations
  • Tui Magic Life 2021 - All Inclusive holidays with 24 hour drinks and much more
  • Tui Blue 2021 - Holidays with lots of excursion options, great food and more
  • Marella Cruises 2021- All inclusive cruises, convenient UK flights, no tips to pay and lots to do on-board.
  • Tui Flights 2021 - Great range of flight only options and flight durations for anyone just needing to get somewhere
  • Tui Multi Centre 2021 - Enjoy more and see different places during your stay
  • Tui Lakes and Mountains 2021 - Explore the beautiful lakes and Mountains of Europe including Austria, Italian Lakes, Slovenia & More

Tui Holidays 2021 Destination Brochures

  • Tui Spain, Portugal & Cape Verde 2021 - Mainland Spain, Balearics, Canary Islands, Algarve, Madeira & more
  • Tui Faraway Shores 2021 - Some more exotic destinations such as Vietnam, Costa Rica, Goa, Sri Lanka & many more
  • Tui Florida 2021 - Everything Florida, Hotels, Florida villas, car hire, Disney tickets & hotels and more.
  • Tui Greece, Cyprus & Turkey 2021 - Greek Islands, Paphos & Larnaca areas plus Turkish resorts.
  • Tui Italy, Croatia & Bulgaria 2021 - Three very popular destinations in the one brochure
  • Tui Lapland 2021 / 2020 - Visit Santa before he visits you!
  • Tui Iceland 2021 - short breaks to this very popular destination with great excursions

Throughout most of the Tui destination 2021 brochures you will find the various Tui brand and collections.