What's Your Holiday for 2021?

What's the best holiday 2021 for you? - There are lots of options to choose from despite the madness! 

Free Child Places 2021

Free child places 2021 holiday deals are one of the most popular holiday offers for families. The discount off a family holiday can make a huge difference to the overall cost and most of the main holiday firms offer these free kids places. There are also kids from £1 deals which are just as popular. Many holiday firms have special free child place finder searches to help you find the deals more easily. Generally the free child places hotels will have activities and facilities for children and usually a kids' club. Have a look out for the all inclusive free child places as these do sell quickly > more

All Inclusive Holidays 2021

A popular holiday option that includes all your food, drinks. Plus some hotels also include entertainment and activities which help to make all inclusive holidays so popular. There are all inclusive holidays for adults and couples where there are no children allowed, There are of course all inclusive family holidays with kids' clubs and all inclusive free child places as well!  Most holiday firms include all inclusive holidays throughout their popular holiday brands and destinations. You will generally find all inclusive holiday options in most destinations and in most 2021 holiday brochures. 

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Holidays 2021

When booking any holiday double check to see what is included. There may be changes and restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic. Check that your insurance cover and the latest UK government travel advice as well. 

There are so many holiday options for holidaymakers from great destinations to all the different holiday types and board basis despite the restrictions. You can even enjoy 2021 holidays with a combination of choices. There are adult only holidays for adult looking for a relaxing break. Family holidays 2021 with lots for children of all ages to enjoy from kids’ clubs to activities including options where children can learn to swim. Holidays with lots of sports, classes and great service and food. Villa Holidays 2021 deals for larger groups complete with their own private pools. Luxury hotels with various room upgrades from suites to swim up rooms.

There are value for money holiday options with Skytours, and On the Beach Holidays. Plus a huge variety of easyJet holidays 2021 from city breaks to couples holidays and beach breaks. As expected all inclusive will be as popular as ever and there are lots of all inclusive 2021 holidays to choose from. Most holiday firms will offer adult only all inclusive, all inclusive family holidays and even all inclusive free child places 2021 deals to help keep costs down. Holidays with waterparks are great for families who normally like to spend their holiday splashing about.

The holiday firms offer great search facilities on their web sites with lots of filters so you can tweak the results to narrow down the options so that you find your perfect holiday. Also by booking direct in some cases you will get the best prices rather than going through a travel agent. In some cases a travel agent will have to take a cut in commission to match online deals and it’s unlikely that they are going to volunteer to do that! Plus by booking direct you will get access to any discount codes and vouchers which could offer a further discount off your holiday.

All Inclusive Holidays 2021

All Inclusives for most people include

  • All your drinks - Alcoholic and soft drinks plus tea & coffee (locally produced drinks)
  • Your three meals - Breakfast, lunch and dinner (sometimes afternoon snacks)
  • Entertainment - Some evening entertainment in the hotel

Normally this is the case however you must check before you book with the company you plan to book. Just have a quick look at the hotel description on their web site (not on any other) Some all inclusive hotels will also offer extra snacks and activities and some won’t. Make sure the included drinks are available at suitable times as well.

All Inclusive holidays will be massive in 2021 as the Brexit effect continues. People like to know what a holiday is going to cost and with the volatile exchange rates you will be unable to judge what the cost of living will be in many of the popular holiday destinations particularly in the EU. All inclusive holidays will help mitigate most of these worries as all your food and drink will generally be included. Just make sure that when you select your all inclusive 2021 holiday that you make sure that it does actually include all the facilities and activities that you need to make your holiday the one that you want it to be. There are lots of 2021 all inclusive holidays to choose from depending on what you are looking for. If you are looking for an all inclusive holiday then you have options with Tui Holidays, easyJet Holidays, Balkan Holidays and many more. Most holiday firms offer all inclusive 2021 holidays and not forgetting First Choice Holidays who still only offer all inclusive holidays throughout their range of holidays. For all inclusive family holidays 2021 you have Tui Family Life, First Choice Holiday Villages, Tui Blue For Families. Plus these also offer all inclusive free child places or kids from £1 deals as well.

There are other family friendly holidays offering hotels with waterparks or kids’ clubs through Skytours holidays, Airtours and easyJet holidays. If you don’t have children and want a more adult holiday experience there are adult only all inclusive 2021 holidays. Tui Sensimar, Tui Gold and others all offer all inclusive adult only holidays. Other all inclusive holidays include some great luxury all inclusive options. For these there are the Tui Sensatori & First Choice Premier Holidays. If you want holidays with lots of activities Tui Holidays offer a range of all inclusive options with their Tui Robinson range of hotels. Tui Magic Life all inclusive offers 24 hour all inclusive unlike the majority of other all inclusive holidays. You will get round the clock access to drinks plus extras like snacks in the afternoon, great sports programme, watersports, fitness centres, great entertainment and more. Not all activities are available at all of the hotels so just check before you book.

How To Find Free Child Places 2021

With most holiday companies it is relatively simple to find their free child places 2021 holidays. You will find that they generally have a free child places search on their website which makes it easy for you to any find free child places. This also means that it’s easy for everyone else as well so these much sought after discounts can sell out quickly. Like most offers free child places are subject to availability. Therefore getting a free child places 2021 holiday during the busy school holiday dates can actually be harder because they are easier to find. If you manage to book early or during the main booking periods then you will have a better chance than at other times.

Tui Holidays free child places 2021 deals can be found using their free child places finder. Simply enter your details and the month you wish to travel and you will get a list of any available free kids deals. Using the search filters you can narrow down the results to display all inclusive free child places or self catering free child places which are ideal for larger families. First Choice Holidays free child places 2021 deals are also found using their free child places finder which is exactly the same as the Tui holidays one. The only difference is that First Choice holidays only offer all inclusive holidays so any free child places are all inclusive by default. You will find free child places on some popular family holiday brands such as Tui Family Life and First Choice Holiday Villages. For value for money have a look at the Skytours free child places all inclusive 2021 and self catering holidays.

EasyJet Holidays free child places 2021 deals plus kids stay free deals. The kids stay free deals just mean that you pay for the flights and any meals however these deals can work out very reasonably when you get the total holiday cost. The same kid of kids stay free deals are also offered by On the Beach holidays who unlike easyJet Holidays also offer flights with other low cost airlines as well as charter flights other airlines. Both On the Beach and easyJet holidays offer family hotels in a large number of resorts and destinations.

When looking for a free child place 2021 holiday remember that you will only get 1 free child place per 2 full fare paying adults and that free child places are not unlimited. When you do find your ideal holiday you will usually be able to book by paying a low deposit. Most holiday firms tend to do low deposit deals especially when the new holidays are just released and during the busier booking periods. So if you do find a free child place that suits your needs grab it while it’s still available.

Tui Holidays 2021

The Tui Holidays 2021 brochure and  range of holiday brands offer holidaymakers lots of different holiday options. Tui 2021 holidays range includes family holidays with family friendly hotels and self catering apartments to full on family holiday hotels. Tui Family Life hotels are more than just a family friendly range of hotels. Tui Family Life offer something for all the family with lots of activities, kids’ clubs, great locations, family pools and family evening entertainment. For anyone wanting a holiday with a more relaxed feel to it there are Tui adult only holidays. These adult only hotels usually won’t accept reservations from families with children under the age of 16. So the general atmosphere and entertainment will cater for adults rather than for families with young children. There are a few Tui adult only 2021 holiday options between the Tui Sensimar, Tui Gold range and some of the luxury hotels in the Tui Platinum, Tui A La Carte and Tui Sensatori holidays. Some of the Tui Holidays do cater for adults only and families. The Tui Sensatori hotel resorts offer special adult only areas and rooms. Make sure you check before you book as not all holidays offer this.

Of course Tui all inclusive 2021 holidays will feature prominently again for 2021 especially with Brexit issues and less than stable exchange rates. The good news is that there are lots of Tui all inclusive holidays 2021 options throughout the adult only, family and other Tui holidays 2021 brochures and brands. You can enjoy all the benefits of an all inclusive holiday and get the type of holiday that most suits your requirements. Also just as popular as all inclusive holidays for families there are the Tui free child places. These great discounts can make a big difference to any overall family holiday cost. So it’s no wonder that Tui holidays offer Tui free child places 2021 holiday deals. The Tui free child places finder will help you find these popular deals which are subject to availability and are not unlimited. As you would expect they are most popular during the school holiday dates so make sure you book as early as possible. Usually there will be Tui low deposit deals to help people reserve their 2021 holiday especially if you are booking early.

Tui Holidays cruises are operated by their cruise brand Marella cruises. Marella cruises offer cruises from popular holidays destinations which generally have a good range of UK departure airports to connect with them. On the Tui holidays web site you can search for Marella cruises and also add on accommodation before or after your cruise for a Tui cruise and stay holiday. Tui luxury holidays 2021 as usual will include Tui Sensatori 2021, Tui A La Carte, Tui Robinson, Tui Platinum & more. If you just want away for a cheap holiday then have a look at the value for money range of holidays from Skytours. Skytours holidays 2021 feature lots of popular holiday destinations with hotels and self catering options plus Skytours all inclusive 2021 holidays and a range of Skytours free child places that also includes all inclusive free child places as well! If you are looking to get away in 2021 it would be a big mistake not to at least look and see what Tui holidays 2021 range has to offer.

  • Tui Family Holidays 2021 - Tui Family Life 2021, Tui Magic Life, Tui Sensatori, Tui BLUE for Families 2021, Skytours & Tui Platinum
  • Tui Adult Only Holidays 2021 - Tui Sensimar 2021, Tui Gold Holidays, Tui Platinum, Skytours & Tui BLUE 2021
  • Tui Luxury Holidays 2021 - Tui Sensatori, Tui A La Carte, Tui Robinson, Tui Blue, Tui Platinum, Tui Family Life, Tui Scene
  • Tui Value for Money Holidays 2021 - Skytours
  • Other Tui Holidays 2021 - Small & Friendly, Lakes & Mountains 2021, Tui Scene, Tui Iceland, Tui City Breaks, Tui Award Winners, Tui Villas Collection, Tui Tours
  • Marella Cruises 2021 - Cruise and stay holidays plus back to back cruises.

How To Find Cheap Holidays for 2021

People have different ideas about what exactly a cheap holiday is. This will obviously depend on your own particular financial situation. If your earnings are in the highest tax bracket a cheap holiday will probably be a different prospect to a cheap 2021 holiday is you earn less or around the national average. Plus when looking for the best cheap holidays 2021 deals there will have to be a balance between the cost and the quality of the holiday. There is no point in getting the cheapest accommodation possible if you are not going to enjoy the holiday. A good option is to use the low cost airlines and book as early as possible sticking to flights on a Tuesday and Wednesday. It is entirely possible that there may be better options on other days for your particular dates. Add-on the accommodation of the minimum standard you are prepared to accept and see how much the cost will be.

Tui Holidays 2021 best option could be a Skytours 2021 holiday which is their budget range of holidays. Skytours offer free child places plus there are online discounts if you book direct on their website.

For cheap family holidays 2021 have a look at the easyJet Holidays family holidays which can offer some great family holiday prices. If you like the idea of putting a cheap holiday together then either try On the Beach who use a large number of airlines combined with a huge amount of accommodation options to help you put your holiday together. Another option for a cheap 2021 holiday is to wait until the last minute for a late deal or cancellation. If this is of interest to you have a look at our late deals 2021 & last minute holiday section for more information and tips on how to get the best late deal prices.

Luxury Holidays 2021

There are lots of luxury holiday 2021 options especially from the large holiday firms. Tui Holidays and easyJet Holidays have a few different luxury holiday ranges aimed at specific holidaymakers. There are adult only luxury holidays, family luxury holidays, luxury holidays with activities and spa treatments and more. For Luxury holidays with Tui you have Tui Sensatori, Tui A La Carte, Tui Platinum holidays plus some great hotels in the Tui Sensimar adult only range. EasyJet Holidays have lots of 5 star hotels to choose from in many of their holiday and city breaks destinations. Olympic Holidays also offer a number of 5 star hotels throughout Greece and Cyprus plus in the other Mediterranean destinations they cover. First Choice all inclusive 2021 luxury holidays are through their Premier holidays range which offers 4 and 5 star all inclusive hotels.

How to Find the Best Family Holidays 2021

Finding the best family holiday can be as simple as choosing the right hotel rather than destination. This will obviously depend on what type of family holiday you are looking for and the ages of the children. Some people like to use a hotel as a base and explore so they may not put as much importance on facilities and children's’ clubs. However if you plan to relax by the pool each day you will need a good family hotel that offers lots of activities and entertainment to keep the children happy.

There are some good options when it comes to family holidays such as the Tui Blue for Families (Tui Family Life 2021) hotel and First Choice holiday Villages 2021 range.  Tui Sensorati holidays also offer a more luxurious family option as well. If your children enjoy playing in the pool while you are away you could check out the holidays with waterparks 2021 options.

Holidays with waterparks options include the First Choice all inclusive SplashWorld range.  These holidays offer hotels with either on-site or unlimited access to all the water based fun you can handle. Depending on the waterpark holiday you choose you could have access to slides, chutes, lazy river, multi lane slides, the wave pool, tube slides and more. Their are all inclusive holidays with waterparks through the First Choice SplashWorld brochure. easyJet Holidays also offer holidays with waterparks which can be found by simply using the holiday type search filter. It’s also worth checking for free child places on most of these holidays using the free child searches on the Tui and First Choice web sites and the kids stay free deals with easyJet Holidays website.

Adult Only Holidays 2021

If you want a more relaxing holiday without screaming children then you can. Most holiday firms offer adult only holidays which only accept reservations provided that everyone travelling is over 16. This may be more or less depending on the hotel you select (check the description before you book) This means that you should expect a quieter and more relaxed pool area. Plus a quieter and again more relaxed dining experience. Generally the entertainment will be aimed at a more adult audience so you don’t have to sit through the kid’s disco at the start of the evening.

Tui Sensimar holidays and Tui Gold offer adult only holiday options with slight differences between what type of holiday experience is offered.  If you want an adult only party or clubbing type experience there are Tui SCENE holidays. These holidays are aimed at a specific range of holidaymakers looking for a Saturday night experience every night! There are also luxury adult only holiday options with Tui Sensatori and Tui A La Carte which offer adult only areas and in some case adult only room areas.

Villa Holidays 2021

Villa holidays are a great option of large families or groups of friends looking to go away together. There are usually villa options for 4 - 12 people depending on where you want to visit. Unlike hotels with two or three hundred rooms many villas are either one off or in smaller groups. Because there are not hundreds of rooms if you have a specific date or destination in mind it may be a good idea to book early. For groups of friends co-ordinating the time off work can mean that you will not have as much flexibility as a few people going to a hotel will have. Try and get booked up as early as possible as you will have a larger choice as others will book early. Another thing to remember about villa holidays is that they tend to be situated away from the resort centres and some holiday firms include car hire so you can do your own airport transfers. Plus having a car helps you explore the surrounding areas and attractions. Many holiday firms will offer you a low deposit deal if you book direct on their web site.

The Tui villas collection 2021 is a good option as they have lots of villas all over. Tui other villas, for anyone looking to go to Florida. James Villas offer lots of villa holidays 2021 deals however they don’t always have flights from all the UK regional airports. Despite a lack of flights James villas offer villa only bookings and you can pick up your own flights. Villa Only Holidays 2021 are available from The Holiday Villa Company 2021 who accommodation in the Algarve, Corfu, Majorca, Costa Blanca and more. For villas only in France you could try Summer France who have various accommodations not surprisingly around France!

Summer Holidays 2021 Departure airports

These are some of the typical holiday destinations you can fly to from some of the regional UK airports. The nearer you are to a major population centre the more flights there will be. So if you are flying from one of the London airports you would expect there to be flights to everywhere. If you are flying from Humberside you will have more options from Newcastle and especially from Manchester. The same applies to Inverness flights where you would expect more options from Aberdeen. The list is not complete just there as a guide. When you do a search on the appropriate holiday companies web site you will get all the available options with that company.

  • Aberdeen flights - Corfu, Ibiza, Gran Canaria, Majorca, Tenerife. Dalaman
  • Belfast Flights - Ibiza, Menorca, Majorca, Costa Dorada, Malaga, Tenerife. Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Bourgas, Corfu, Rhodes
  • Inverness flights - Majorca
  • Edinburgh flights - Majorca, Ibiza, Menorca, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Tenerife, Pula, Bourgas, Corfu, Rhodes, Larnaca, Paphos, Dalaman, Florida
  • Glasgow Flights - Balearic Islands, Alicante, Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, Malaga, Canary Islands, Algarve (Faro), Madeira, Italy, Dubrovnik, Bourgas, orfu, Crete, Rhodes. Cyprus, Dalaman, Florida, Zante, Malta
  • Newcastle Flights - Kefalonia, Kos, Rhodes. Santorini, Zante, Florida, Mainland Spain, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Malta & More
  • Humberside Flights - Majorca, Tenerife
  • Leeds Bradford Flights - Balearic Islands, Malaga, Tenerife, Faro, Corfu, Rhodes, Paphos
  • Doncaster Sheffield Flights - Costa Brava, Balearic Islands, Alicante, Las Palmas, Lanzarote, Tenerife, Faro, Dubrovnik, Bourgas, Corfu, Crete, Rhodes, Zante, Larnaca, Dalaman
  • Liverpool Flights - Ibiza, Palma, Tenerife
  • Manchester Flights - Spain, Portugal, Malta, Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Morocco, Florida, Dominican Republic & most other destinations.
  • East Midlands Flights - Florida, Agadir, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain (Canary Islands, Balearic Islands & Mainland Spain)
  • Birmingham Flights - Dominican Republic, Florida, Morocco, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain
  • Cardiff Flights - Turkey, Cyprus, Greek Islands, Italy, Portugal, Spain
  • Bristol Flights - Florida, Turkey, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Canary Islands, Mainland Spain, Balearic Islands.
  • Exeter Flights - Balearic Islands Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Tenerife, Portugal, Malta, Corfu, Rhodes, Cyprus, Dalaman
  • Bournemouth - Balearic Islands, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Italy, Corfu, Rhodes, Paphos, Dalaman
  • Southampton Flights - Palma, Ibiza
  • Norwich Flights - Mahon, Palma, Ibiza, Las Palmas, Tenerife, Corfu, Rhodes, Paphos
  • Southend Flights - Palma
  • Stansted Flights - Florida, Balearic Islands, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Portugal, Canary Islands
  • Luton Flights - Balearic Islands Mainland Spain, Canary Islands, Bulgaria, Malta, Faro, Madeira, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey
  • London Gatwick - Goa, La Palma, Almeria, Italy, Dominican Republic and many other destinations.

By using scheduled flights you are able to fly to anywhere in the world via one or more connecting flights.

Typical 2021 Holiday Destinations

  •  Bulgaria Holidays - Sunny Beach, Golden Sands, Nessebar & Obzor
  • Croatia Holidays - Dubrovnik & Islands (Korcula, Slano) Istrian Riviera (Porec, Rovinj) Dalmatian Coast (Hvar, Split)
  • Cyprus Holidays - Larnaca & paphos regions (Ayia Napa, Protaras, Limassol, Amathus Bay)
  • Greece Holidays - Crete, Halkidiki, Corfu, Zante, Skiathos, Rhodes, Skiathos & many more
  • Malta Holidays - Valletta, Sliema, Qawra, Bugibba, St Julian's, Mellieha Bay
  • Italy Holidays - Italian Lakes, Tuscany, Sardinia, Sicily
  • Montenegro - Petrovac, Budva, Ulcinj
  • Portugal - The Algarve, Porto Santo, Madeira
  • Slovenia - Bled, Kranjska Gora, Bohinj
  • Spain Holidays - Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Mainland Spain
  • Mainland Spain - Costa Blanca (Benidorm), Costa de Almeria, Costa de la Luz, Costa Del Sol, Costa Brava, Costa Dorada (Salou)
  • Balearic Islands - Majorca, Ibiza, Menorca, Formentera
  • Canary Islands - Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Gomera, La Palma, Tenerife
  • Turkey Holidays - Antalya, Dalaman (Marmaris), Izmir (Kusadasi), Bodrum (Altinkum, Gumbet) - very popular
  • Lakes & Mountains Holidays - Austria, Germany, Italian Lakes (Lake Como, Lake Garda) Switzerland

Lakes & Mountains Holidays 2021

Lakes and mountains 2021 holidays offer a different holiday experience to the traditional two weeks in a Mediterranean holiday resort. There are some beautiful lakeside locations with access to all the activities and sightseeing opportunities. The mountain resorts offer great hotels with lots of mountain bike and walking options with some amazing scenery as well. Typical lakeside destinations include the Italian Lakes of Lake Garda. Lake Maggiore and Lake Como. For a mountain holiday there are lots of different resorts throughout Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland and more. Another popular option for holidays in Italy is day trips to the beautiful Italian cities of Venice, Milan or Florence. A visit to many of these Lakes and mountains 2021 destinations does offer lots of exploring opportunities.

Also popular with regular lakes and mountains holidaymakers is the range of walking holidays. There are some beautiful walking routes for walkers of all fitness levels depending on the resort you choose. Lakes and Mountains family holidays 2021 are also more popular as holiday companies add more family friendly hotels. Tui Lakes and Mountains holidays also include some great child reductions. Tui lakes and mountains free child places can really make a difference to the overall cost of a family holiday. The lakes and mountains free child places can be easily found using the Tui holidays free kids finder search.

There are now all inclusive lakes and mountains holidays at a good number of hotels. So if you are worried about the costs or exchange rates then a lakes and mountains all inclusive could be a good option for you. Inghams lakes and mountains 2021 range also offers holidays in Portugal, Germany, Slovenia, Madeira and Norway as well as Italy, Norway and other. Plus Inghams 2021 lakes and mountains holidays also features multi-centre tours plus iconic rail journeys, family, cycling and walking holidays. Shearings Holidays 2021 offer two lakes and mountains holiday options where you can travel by air or coach. Shearings have lots of pick up points so you can travel through France and enjoy all the scenery on the way and stay in an all inclusive hotel during your stay.

Coach Holidays 2021

Coach Holidays 2021 offer a great way to easily visit some fantastic destinations throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. Coach Holidays 2021 range of options includes British seaside breaks which offer convenient departures combined with a variety of hotels at traditional seaside towns or in the countryside. Generally most coach holidays firms also include free excursions in the price as well. Coach holidays are a great way to explore with tours around Britain, Ireland and continental Europe. You get to see all the best locations plus some you may not have heard of and you can sit back and simply enjoy the journey. There are coach holidays and escorted tours all over the world to some amazing parts of the world. Plus many coach holiday firms also offer river cruises 2021 holidays either by air or coach. This is a great way to relax and enjoy some amazing towns along the rivers of Europe that also include some iconic destinations. Nearer to home there are National Trust holidays by coach visiting locations throughout the UK.

  • Shearings Coach Holidays 2021 - River cruises, British seaside resorts, Italian Lakes, Coach holidays in the UK, & Europe, Christmas Markets & more
  • Just Go Holidays 2021 - National Trust Holidays, European coach holidays, Channel Island holidays, River Cruises & European & UK tours
  • Alpha Travel 2021 - UK seaside resorts, cruises, self drive 2021 holidays & holidays throughout the UK and some in Europe.
  • National Holidays 2021 - Sports and special events, Coach holidays in Europe & the UK, City breaks, cruises, family holidays & more
  • Caledonian Holidays 2021 - UK and European coach holidays departing from Scotland. Plus city breaks, special events and more.
  • Travelsphere 2021 - Escorted tours and holidays all over the world including cruises, festive breaks and tours by rail
  • Titan Travel 2021 - Worldwide holidays including tours, river cruises, lakes and mountains and so much more.

Marella Cruises 2021

Marella Cruises offer some great value cruises from their summer bases around the Mediterranean. You can sail from Palma, Corfu, Malaga or Dubrovnik with lots of connecting flights from many UK airports. Cruises are generally for 7 nights with alternating routes each week. This means that you could book two back to back cruises and enjoy a two week cruise instead of one. Alternatively you can book a Tui cruise and stay holiday. This would let you extend your holiday stay by up to a week so that you could stay in a resort for 3 to 7 days either before or after your 7 night Marella cruise. All inclusive cruises 2021 are covered by most of the Marella cruises plus unlike many cruise companies Marella cruises also include the tips. This way you genuinely have an all inclusive experience with the only extras being any excursions you book. There are meal upgrade options that do cost more for some of the specialist restaurants on-board. These tend to fill up with people booking for birthdays and anniversaries as soon as they get on-board. Family cruise holidays are very popular and some of the Marella cruises have a kids’ club with activities for the children. Plus there are kid’s pools as well. In the evenings there are some great entertainment options from west end style shows to quiz nights, Karaoke and guest entertainers. Marella cruises fleet consists of the Marella Explorer, Marella Discovery, Marella Discovery 2, Marella Dream, Marella Celebration.

Tui River Cruises - have been added to the range of Tui cruising holidays

EasyJet Holidays 2021

EasyJet Holidays 2021 holidays use the substantial Easyjet network of flights to offer a huge range of holiday and city break destinations. By timing when you book and travelling on the quieter mid week flights you can make some serious 2021 holiday savings. You simply enter your departure airport and choice of destinations to see what flights are available. Then you select your accommodation from a huge range of destinations and resorts. You will see all the usual favourites plus there is usually a good range of self catering to all inclusive hotels to choose from. Obviously the number of accommodation options will depend on the resort you wish to stay in. EasyJet Holidays offer various filters to help you find your ideal holiday. EasyJet Holidays 2021 have holidays suitable for beach holidays, city breaks, skiing holidays, lakes and mountains, luxury holidays, budget breaks. Family holidays, couples holidays, adult only holidays, holidays with waterparks & nightlife holidays. Plus there are lots of EasyJet all inclusive Holidays 2021 to choose from as well. You can add-on car hire or airport transfers as well as whatever luggage requirements you need.

Skytours Holidays 2021

Skytours offers value for money holidays to a large number of holiday destinations using the extensive network of Tui flights. There are great value self catering, half board and of course Skytours all inclusive 2021 holidays as well. All the Skytours holidays 2021 deals are on the Tui Holidays 2021 web site. Simply enter your search details as normal and then use the filter in the search results to find the most suitable Skytours holiday for you. The filter to look for is the ‘holiday type’ where you can select to display only Skytours holidays. The filters also let you select the most suitable Skytours 2021 holidays for a family holiday, luxury holiday, sports & activities plus beachfront location and more. Skytours free child places are also very popular and can be found using the Skytours free child places finder. As you would expect these are extremely popular and do sell out quickly. There are also Skytours all inclusive free child places which are probably the most popular.

Long Haul Holidays 2021

As holidaymakers look for the next new thing or something different a lot of people are going further afield. Tui Holidays 2021 range is offering more and more destinations to some great exotic destinations. Plus within some of those options are some of their popular holiday brands as well. You will generally find either Platinum hotels, Tui Sensatori or A La Carte luxury hotels. There are plenty of other options in some destinations including Skytours value for money holidays and SCENE for a party atmosphere every night. These are some of the main destinations offered by Tui holidays.

  • Caribbean - Aruba, Barbados, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, St Lucia
  • Central America - Mexico, Costa Rica
  • North America - Los Angeles, San Francisco, Florida, Las Vegas, New York
  • Africa - Mauritius, South Africa
  • Asia - Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Maldives, Thailand, UAE, India & Indonesia

You can of course visit just about any place on the planet if you want the above destinations are just the ones offered by Tui Holidays. In comparison the Kuoni Holidays 2021 range is massive. You can book scheduled flights with Virgin, British Airways and countless other top airlines and add on accommodation to make a holiday suited to your needs. Plus you can also book a multi centre where you can visit a city or two for a few days and add on a stay at the beach.

Whatever holiday you decide on for 2021 please make sure you double check the holiday details on the web site of the company you plan to book with. This way you will know what you are booking and what the price includes. Just because something is offered on one site does not mean that it will be included in holidays with another firm. That also includes the hotels own web site. This way you will help avoid any issues when you arrive in resort. We are still waiting on updates for the 2021 season to update the information on this website